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Disclaimers for the use of the website


Please read carefully the terms and conditions below; they are the general contract conditions that must be adhered to in order to access this site.

1. The site

This web site is managed by Titanus S.p.A. (with registered office in Rome, Via Sommacampagna 28, P.IVA 00478160583, REA n. RM/753273 – hereinafter called “Titanus”) and is comprised of the home page, relative Internet pages, collections of information and/or applications managed by Titanus and made available (hereinafter called the “Site”).

The terms and conditions contained herein (hereinafter called the “Conditions”) must be accepted in order to access and/or use the Site. Anyone who does not want to accept the Conditions must immediately exit the Site.

The purpose of the Site is to provide news and curiosities about Titanus and their activity, which can be of interest for operators and buffs of the TV/film sector and the public in general. The Site may be used by anyone (hereinafter called the “User”) accessing it whether or not they are registered at the Site.

The Site does not contain sales offers, nor invitations to purchase products/services, and is not an economic or commercial activity.

2. Access to the Site, User limits and disabling

The User undertakes to access the Site only through the interfaces made available by Titanus for such purpose. Titanus may limit access to the Site to a maximum number of times and/or an established duration.

Titanus, at their discretion and with no need to give a reason, may refuse the User access to the Site.

The User undertakes to access the Site exclusively for personal and non commercial use.

3. Registration and password. Privacy

The User’s e-mail address must be provided to obtain a reply to any questions asked of Titanus. Furthermore, registration on the Site is necessary to access certain contents. The registered user may access the Titanus job data bank, send his/her personal CV and submit own works (in particular original screenplays) to Titanus for examination.

In conformity with the Privacy Code (law 196/2003), to complete registration the User must consent to data management as requested when such data is entered and must read the informative notes provided at that same time. Upon registration the User is required to provide complete, updated and truthful personal particulars and communicate any variation of such data.

Titanus is the owner of such management. All data will be handled in the manner and ways shown in the informative notes provided on the Site pages concerning registration. In particular, data will never be distributed and will be communicated to third parties only if the User has been informed in advance or if the communication is necessary or authorised by current legislation.

The rights recognised to those concerned by article 7 of the Privacy Code may be exercised at any moment by sending a letter to Titanus at the address shown in article 1.

If, to access the Site or even only sections of it, the User logs in, he/she undertakes to leave the area at the end of the session using exclusively the "log-off", "exit" (or similar) exit option, if present. Titanus reserves the right to disconnect ("log-off") Users whose accounts, once having logged in, have shown no movement for a certain period of time.

The User undertakes not to access or try to access, without authorisation, the reserved areas, in any form, hacking, password mining or other.

If access to some parts of the Site are subordinate to the use of a password provided to the User by Titanus, the User shall take suitable care of such password and shall be responsible for any use of the Site made by third parties on the basis of such password.

4. Contents and their use

The Site contains data, graphics, images, photographs, sketches, drawings, descriptions, information, collections of texts, video, audio (music and sounds), newsletters or similar communications, software, lists and data banks, and all else created by and on behalf of Titanus and by third parties (hereinafter called the “Contents”).

Downloading (including page-caching) the Contents is forbidden and is punishable by law, as is duplication, transmission, publication, elaboration in any form and manner, reverse engineering, mirroring, framing, posting or any other means of similar reproduction and digital memorisation in general, with any means and on any support, except for what is shown in these Conditions in article 5 below.

The User is not allowed to use the Site in a manner that causes or could cause damage, interruption or limitation of the Site functions.

The User undertakes not to collect or try to collect personal information about third parties through the Site.

5. Protection of marks and copyrights

Unless otherwise specified, the Site and the Contents are the property of Titanus or of their licensees and are protected by copyright and the current laws protecting intellectual property in Italy and in other countries. Without prejudice to the above, the User is authorised to print or download copies of the Site material exclusively for personal use and not for commercial use, without removing notes about the copyright or other notes about the Contents.

The Site contains and reproduces marks that are registered and/or owned exclusively by Titanus, or granted to them on license. The Site may also contain marks owned by third parties. In any case, all marks belong to their respective owners and the User undertakes not to use them in any way without written authorisation by their owners.

Furthermore, Titanus owns the exclusive right to use the images inserted in the Site. Therefore none of such images may be reproduced, copied, distributed or publicised without written authorisation by Titanus. Unauthorised use of images violates the copyright, the Titanus marks and/or the current laws protecting intellectual property.

Titanus reserves the right to take legal steps before the competent Judicial Authorities against whosoever may use, or may allow third parties through the User or his computer to use, the Site or Contents, if unauthorised or not in conformity with these Conditions.

6. User content, materials and information transmitted: User responsibility

In these Conditions the expression “User Content” defines the information and any kind of content transmitted by a User to Titanus, by e-mail or uploaded to the Site.

The User guarantees to have the right to use the User Content.

It is nevertheless understood that Titanus, having no control over the User, shall not be responsible in any way for such inserts nor is under the obligation to make any checks for the purpose of eliminating anything that should be illegal or inopportune.

Users are absolutely forbidden to send or transmit material that is against the law, threatening, defamatory, slanderous, obscene, pornographic, blasphemous and all else that may constitute or encourage behaviour considered criminal or which could lead to actions of any type of responsibility. Titanus will collaborate to make executive the provisions of Authorities or Courts that request Titanus to reveal the identity of anybody who may have sent such information or material.

Furthermore, the User guarantees that use of the Site, including transmission of User Content, shall be done without causing damage to the Site, nor shall the User introduce errors, viruses, images, data that could cause direct or indirect damage to the Site and/or harm the rights of third parties.

In any case, the User undertakes to hold Titanus free from all responsibility for any damage and/or claim by third parties due to the User Content and more in general to the use of the Site.

Without prejudice to the preceding, it is understood that the User Content transmitted through the reserved areas will be subject to the special conditions disciplined by such areas, including the provisions regarding copyright, which must necessarily be approved.

7. Exclusion and limitation of Titanus responsibility

Titanus does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the Contents and expressly declines all responsibility on their being up to date.

The User uses and enjoys the Site at his/her own risk. The Site is presented “as is” and “depending on availability”. It is therefore understood that Titanus assumes no obligations.

The User understands and accepts that Titanus shall not be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, or other damage connected to or deriving from the use or inability to use the Site or any other site accessed through a link, or deriving from operations performed or omitted by Titanus in reply to an e-mail message sent by the User, of any size and nature, patrimonial and not. Included are, by way of example and not limited to, damage deriving from errors, omissions, interruptions, defects, delays, viruses, loss of profit or of data. Such limitation shall be valid and effective even through the negligence of Titanus and in the case of being warned of the possibility of such damage.

8. Hypertext links

The Site contains links to other sites managed by third parties with respect to Titanus. The links are presented for the mere convenience of the User and as a source of in-depth information concerning the Contents. Titanus provides no guarantee about the content of such sites and invites the User to carefully check their security and reliability.

Titanus has made no check as to the exactness of the information contained on web sites or external resources connected by links to the Site or which are accessed through the Site or which contain links for the Site. Titanus therefore can in no case be responsible, directly and/or indirectly, for damage caused or presumed caused by use or by having trusted any content, product or service enjoyed through external resources or web sites.

9. Modification of the Site and Conditions

Titanus has the exclusive right to modify the Site at any time, without warning, with ample powers to make variations, for example eliminating information, images, pages or parts of pages.

Titanus similarly has the exclusive right to modify the Conditions at any time and at their total discretion. The User undertakes to verify and accept the Conditions each time the Site is accessed by the User. It is understood that each session on the Site is disciplined by the Conditions present on the Site during such session.

Any declarations by Titanus collaborators, officers and/or representatives may not be considered modifications of these Conditions, or authorised and legally significant declarations.

10. Applicable law and competent court

The Titanus office is in Rome (Italy) and the Site is managed in Italy. Use of the Site is disciplined by Italian law, as far as what is not provided for in the Conditions. The Conditions shall be interpreted according to Italian law.

The Site was conceived in conformity with Italian law. Titanus is aware that Users may access the Site from anywhere in the world and they have no possibility to prevent such access. It is therefore understood that where the Contents and use of the Site may be contrary to the laws of the country where the User is located, the User shall immediately cease to use the Site and abide by the laws of his/her own jurisdiction, being exclusively responsible for any such violation.

If single provisions of these Conditions should be declared null and/or ineffective and/or invalid, even only partially, by any Authority, they shall be replaced by valid provisions which shall be as close as possible to the meaning of the original provisions. In any case, the validity and applicability of the remaining provisions remain unchanged.

The User forfeits the right to assert his/her rights deriving from or connected to the use of the Site one year from the date they have become exercisable, regardless of their being known or capable of being known by the owner of the right.

Any controversy deriving from relationships between Titanus and a User, regarding or connected to the use of the Site, shall be defined on the basis of Italian law and is the exclusive competence of the Rome (Italy) Court.

11. Contacts

All communications directed to Titanus shall take place through and/or at the addresses shown in the Contacts area.

All communications directed to the registered User shall be sent to the addresses, including e-mail, shown by the User upon registration.

* * *

Pursuant to articles 1341 and 1342 of the civil code, the User declares to have carefully read and approved specifically the agreements contained in the following articles: art. 2 Access to the Site, limits and User disabling; art. 6 User Content, materials and information transmitted: User responsibility; art. 7 Titanus exclusion and limitation of responsibility; art. 9 Modification of the Site and of the Conditions; art. 10 Applicable laws and competent forum.

These Conditions and Contents of the Site are protected by copyright.

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